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Solar Panel Installers in Sheffield

Solar Panels for your home

Why have solar panels?

Since the government introduced the feed in tariff (FIT) households  have been able to tap into a new guaranteed income stream which is tax-free and index linked.

The feed in tariff is paid for every kw of electricity that you generate regardless of whether you use it or not.  You will save money on your electricity bills for anything that you do use during daylight hours and then you can then sell whatever is left over back to the electricity company.

The feed in tariff and export tariffs are paid to you by the electricity companies, so for a change your energy company will owe you money…for the next 20 years.  Most systems will pay for themselves within 6-8 years.

Solar panels are easy to install, most systems can be installed in a day.  They are easy to maintain, so there is very little for you to do once you are up and running - just relax and enjoy the free electricity.

Benefits of solar panels


  •  Reduce your electricity bills as you generate
  •  Tax-free payments for whatever you produce 
  •  Protect yourself from future energy price rises
  •  Export Tariff - sell unused, green electricity
  •  Government guaranteed payments
  •  Index linked payments
  •  Reduce your carbon footprint
  •  Utilise other energy saving devices to save even more money
  •  Low maintenance
  •  Predictable generation - so you can see what you could generate
  •  We can design a system to suit your budget or roof space