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Solar Panel Installers in Sheffield

Hot water from your solar panels

Maximise your on-site consumption of the free electricity generated by your solar panels by diverting anything you don’t immediately need into your immersion heater (or other circuits within your property such as electric under floor heating, electric heaters, infrared panels, storage heaters).

Immersion controllers are intelligent unit which constantly monitors the electricity being exported.  Once you have over 150w surplus electricity, the controller will automatically divert it to your nominated circuit, so you can have free hot water at the fraction of the cost of a solar thermal system. 

The controller will never divert more than the excess generation from your solar panels and will automatically reduce or switch off if you switch on an appliance in the house.  Once installed it can only save you money, especially if you are not at home during the day, when your solar panels are at peak generation.

Suitable for any size of solar PV installation, the immersion controllers are easy to install by a qualified electrician and once installed, you don’t have to do anything because it manages itself.  Payback is estimated at 3-4 years and you still get the 50% export tariff.   Your FIT payments will not be affected and it can even be used in properties where free solar panels have been installed!


Key Features

  • Matches power usage to excess generation
  • Up to 2 circuits can be controlled
  • LCD display shows: energy saved, load power and mode
  • Timer circuit for additional control
  • Hot water boost functionality
  • Uses existing 3kW immersion heaters
  • Quick installation, and no need to drain the hot water tank  down
  • 2 year Product Warranty