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Solar Panel Installers in Sheffield

Solar Monitoring

Working alongside your existing solar panel installation, our easy monitoring solution enables you to see how much electricity you are generating, how much your house is currently using and how much power is being imported or exported from the grid.

The system uses real time data to give you an at-a-glance view of your system’s performance, anywhere in the world through your web-browser, smart phone or wireless display.  This means you can use your free electricity more efficiently and save more money.

Low cost and effective
We offer a number of low cost monitoring solutions for your solar array, no matter of its size or location.  For domestic installations we offer the Eco Eye or Owl systems, as well as any monitoring solution that is available from individual inverter manufacturers.  

Large 3 phase installations can be monitored via the inverter software which can be hardwired or carried over WiFi, or done through an ofgem approved remote montitoring meter.  Systems can also be integrated into BMS systems for full monitoring integration.

Helps reduce your energy consumption
As you can easily visualise your homes real time energy usage and how much it costs, many customers say that they are encouraged to actively reduce energy consumption – saving even more money on electricity bills.


Benefits of our monitoring system

  •  Keep track of how much you are generating
  •  Know how much energy you are importing/exporting
  •  Know exactly how much surplus free electricity you have
  •  See how much money your panels are making in real time
  •  Easy to read display
  •  View real time, or collated data via web browser