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Solar Panel Installers in Sheffield

Cauldwell & Sons Ltd - Agricultural Installation

With spiraling electricity costs burdening the profitability of farms up and down the country,  many farmers are turning to solar power to reduce electricity bills and tap into the income stream that having solar panels unlocks.

Agricultural buildings are a perfect partner for solar panels.  Many have 2 or 3 phase electricity supplies and barns with large, unshaded roofs.  As many modern farm buildings have shallow pitches, even solar panels on north-facing roofs can give good returns. 

At Solar Roof Solutions we have extensive experience of designing, planning and installing solar PV systems on agricultural farm buildings.  Understanding your needs, we will manage the whole project and present you will a fully commissioned system which will start saving you money off your electricity bill from day one.

Take a look below at some of our agricultural solar panel installations in Oxford and Doncaster.  We have also installed solar panels on farm buildings in Sheffield, Leeds, and North Yorkshire.

 Solar panels for farm buildings

Cauldwell & Sons Ltd

Total Installed Capacity: 132,300 kWp  Number of Sites: 4

Site 1: Trent Farm, Owston Ferry, Nr Doncaster

  • 49,980 kWp solar panel Installation
  • Panels: 204 x Asun 245w
  • Inverter: Fronius CL48.0
  • Array Size: 346 m2
  • Estimated Annual Yield: 42,500 kWh


Cauldwell & Sons Ltd

Site 2: Cross Tree Farm, Abingdon, Oxfordshire

  • 32,340 kWp Installation
  • Panels: 132 x Asun 245w
  • Inverter: Fronius CL360
  • Array Size: 224 m2
  • Estimated Annual Yield: 27,700 kWh


Cauldwell & Sons Ltd

Site 3: 2 Barns Sutton Wick Farm, Abingdon, Oxfordshire

Barn 1

  • 17,640 kWp Installation
  • Panels: 72 x Asun 245w
  • Inverter: SMA Tri-Power 17000 TL 10
  • Array Size: 122 m2
  • Est Annual Yield: 15,142 kWh

Barn 2

  • 32,340 kWp Installation
  • Panels: 132 x Asun 245w
  • Inverter: Fronius CL36.0
  • Array Size: 224 m2
  • Est Annual Yield: 42,760 kWh