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Solar Panel Installers in Sheffield

All Saints High School - Solar Powers Sports Hall

Solar Panels at All Saint's School in Sheffield

Students and sporting fans can now enjoy playing indoor sports under lighting provided by Sheffield solar panels on All Saints' Goals Centre.
All Saints' Goals center is now powered by solar panels sports under lights powered by renewable energy! The 49kWp solar photovoltaic (PV) installation, which was completed at Sheffield’s All Saint’s RC High School’s Goals center in February, will provide over 43,300kWh of free electricity per year, helping the school to save on electricity bills to the tune of over £4000 a year.

The Goals center which adjoins the school is used not only to facilitate many of the school’s sporting activities but is also utilised by the wider community; including Sheffield Saints Basketball teams and Sheffield Volleyball Club.

Using 204 A-sun 245w panels, and SMA Tripower inverters the system was installed by Solar Roof Solutions.

System overview

Size: 49kWp
Number of Panels: 204 x A-sun Mono 245w
Inverter: SMA Tripower Inverters
Annual output: 43,300kWh per year
Estimated energy savings: £4000 per year