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Domestic Solar Installation Sheffield

Sheffield solar panel installers, Solar Roof Solutions have completed another fantastic solar PV installation in Chesterfield.

The bespoke solar panel array was designed for Mr & Mrs Lawes who contacted us having received a few quotes from other suppliers using standard 250w panels on the South roof, and traditional string inverters. After completing a free survey of the property, it was obvious that a well designed solar panel array would be able to generate more electricity than the systems Mr & Mrs Lawes had already received quotes for. We also suggested that the East-facing roof could also be utilised in order to benefit from early morning generation.

Unlike our the designs of our competitors, the system we proposed comprised of 12 x 295w Canadian Solar panels and the Solar Edge micro optimiser inverter system. The Solar Edge system was the obvious choice for this installation because it offers 5% more generation than string inverters and has been designed for installs where small numbers of panels are to be used on multi-facing aspects.

The Solar Edge system is technologically advanced as each solar panel independently tracks the path of the sun; so if one panel is shaded, it will not affect the production of the other panels in the string. The micro optimisers also allow for the monitoring of each panel, so you can see exactly what each panel is generating.

Mr & Mrs Lawes said of there experience with us; “I would highly recommend solar roof solutions. The professionalism of the company has been excellent from start to finish. The project manager created a personalised solar plan to suit our needs to a very high standard. Communication with the company was very efficient and the workmen were highly professional throughout. I can't recommend this company enough! Thank you solar roof solutions!”

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