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Solar Panel Installers in Sheffield

Case Study

How solar works


The solar panels produce energy from daylight, so they still produce energy on cloudy days or if its overcast. An inverter converts the electricity from direct (DC) to alternating current (AC), and is connected to your consumer unit for use within your property. The electrical energy produced is either used directly, or when the system is producing more power than is needed it is exported to the grid.


 Solar panel installers in shefiield

Solar Roof Solutions completed a commercial solar installation at the Pakistan Muslim Centre (PMC) in Sheffield.

The 22kWp installation comprises of 88 x 245w A-sun solar panels and 2 x SMA Tri-power 10000TL inverters and was mounted using the Renusol mounting system for slate roofs.

The PMC is a charitable organisation which provides activities, services and support to the Sheffield community, arching all cultures, religions, sexuality and backgrounds. As the centre is open most days during the week and many of the rooms are heated by electric heaters, the free electricity generated by the array will make annual electricity bill savings by as much as £1500 – which is a welcome saving for the charity.

Currently residing in an old Victorian school building the PMC secured financial backing for the project, giving them free solar panels.  The system and application process was undertaken by Maidston Energy and the installation was completed by Solar Roof Solutions in February 2012. The slate roof of the building offered a challenge to the installation team, not only because of the fragile nature of slate roofs but also because of the 45˚ pitch of the roof which made walking on the roof very difficult.

The installation was completed on time, without a slate being broken and the PMC can now enjoy generating over 18,875kWh a year!

System overview

Size: 22kWp
Number of Panels: 88 x A-sun Mono 245w
Inverter: 2 x SMA Tripower 10000TL Inverters
Annual output: 18,875kWh per year
Estimated energy savings: £1500 per year

Cauldwell & Sons Ltd - Agricultural Installation

With spiraling electricity costs burdening the profitability of farms up and down the country,  many farmers are turning to solar power to reduce electricity bills and tap into the income stream that having solar panels unlocks.

Agricultural buildings are a perfect partner for solar panels.  Many have 2 or 3 phase electricity supplies and barns with large, unshaded roofs.  As many modern farm buildings have shallow pitches, even solar panels on north-facing roofs can give good returns. 

At Solar Roof Solutions we have extensive experience of designing, planning and installing solar PV systems on agricultural farm buildings.  Understanding your needs, we will manage the whole project and present you will a fully commissioned system which will start saving you money off your electricity bill from day one.

Take a look below at some of our agricultural solar panel installations in Oxford and Doncaster.  We have also installed solar panels on farm buildings in Sheffield, Leeds, and North Yorkshire.

 Solar panels for farm buildings

Cauldwell & Sons Ltd

Total Installed Capacity: 132,300 kWp  Number of Sites: 4

Site 1: Trent Farm, Owston Ferry, Nr Doncaster

  • 49,980 kWp solar panel Installation
  • Panels: 204 x Asun 245w
  • Inverter: Fronius CL48.0
  • Array Size: 346 m2
  • Estimated Annual Yield: 42,500 kWh


Cauldwell & Sons Ltd

Site 2: Cross Tree Farm, Abingdon, Oxfordshire

  • 32,340 kWp Installation
  • Panels: 132 x Asun 245w
  • Inverter: Fronius CL360
  • Array Size: 224 m2
  • Estimated Annual Yield: 27,700 kWh


Cauldwell & Sons Ltd

Site 3: 2 Barns Sutton Wick Farm, Abingdon, Oxfordshire

Barn 1

  • 17,640 kWp Installation
  • Panels: 72 x Asun 245w
  • Inverter: SMA Tri-Power 17000 TL 10
  • Array Size: 122 m2
  • Est Annual Yield: 15,142 kWh

Barn 2

  • 32,340 kWp Installation
  • Panels: 132 x Asun 245w
  • Inverter: Fronius CL36.0
  • Array Size: 224 m2
  • Est Annual Yield: 42,760 kWh

Solar PV Installation Chesterfield

Domestic Solar Installation Sheffield

Sheffield solar panel installers, Solar Roof Solutions have completed another fantastic solar PV installation in Chesterfield.

The bespoke solar panel array was designed for Mr & Mrs Lawes who contacted us having received a few quotes from other suppliers using standard 250w panels on the South roof, and traditional string inverters. After completing a free survey of the property, it was obvious that a well designed solar panel array would be able to generate more electricity than the systems Mr & Mrs Lawes had already received quotes for. We also suggested that the East-facing roof could also be utilised in order to benefit from early morning generation.

Unlike our the designs of our competitors, the system we proposed comprised of 12 x 295w Canadian Solar panels and the Solar Edge micro optimiser inverter system. The Solar Edge system was the obvious choice for this installation because it offers 5% more generation than string inverters and has been designed for installs where small numbers of panels are to be used on multi-facing aspects.

The Solar Edge system is technologically advanced as each solar panel independently tracks the path of the sun; so if one panel is shaded, it will not affect the production of the other panels in the string. The micro optimisers also allow for the monitoring of each panel, so you can see exactly what each panel is generating.

Mr & Mrs Lawes said of there experience with us; “I would highly recommend solar roof solutions. The professionalism of the company has been excellent from start to finish. The project manager created a personalised solar plan to suit our needs to a very high standard. Communication with the company was very efficient and the workmen were highly professional throughout. I can't recommend this company enough! Thank you solar roof solutions!”

For more information about how you can reduce electricity bills through installing solar panels contact us, we are recommended solar panel installers!

All Saints School Solar Installation

All Saints High School - Solar Powers Sports Hall

Solar Panels at All Saint's School in Sheffield

Students and sporting fans can now enjoy playing indoor sports under lighting provided by Sheffield solar panels on All Saints' Goals Centre.
All Saints' Goals center is now powered by solar panels sports under lights powered by renewable energy! The 49kWp solar photovoltaic (PV) installation, which was completed at Sheffield’s All Saint’s RC High School’s Goals center in February, will provide over 43,300kWh of free electricity per year, helping the school to save on electricity bills to the tune of over £4000 a year.

The Goals center which adjoins the school is used not only to facilitate many of the school’s sporting activities but is also utilised by the wider community; including Sheffield Saints Basketball teams and Sheffield Volleyball Club.

Using 204 A-sun 245w panels, and SMA Tripower inverters the system was installed by Solar Roof Solutions.

System overview

Size: 49kWp
Number of Panels: 204 x A-sun Mono 245w
Inverter: SMA Tripower Inverters
Annual output: 43,300kWh per year
Estimated energy savings: £4000 per year