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 Solar panel installers in shefiield

Solar Roof Solutions completed a commercial solar installation at the Pakistan Muslim Centre (PMC) in Sheffield.

The 22kWp installation comprises of 88 x 245w A-sun solar panels and 2 x SMA Tri-power 10000TL inverters and was mounted using the Renusol mounting system for slate roofs.

The PMC is a charitable organisation which provides activities, services and support to the Sheffield community, arching all cultures, religions, sexuality and backgrounds. As the centre is open most days during the week and many of the rooms are heated by electric heaters, the free electricity generated by the array will make annual electricity bill savings by as much as £1500 – which is a welcome saving for the charity.

Currently residing in an old Victorian school building the PMC secured financial backing for the project, giving them free solar panels.  The system and application process was undertaken by Maidston Energy and the installation was completed by Solar Roof Solutions in February 2012. The slate roof of the building offered a challenge to the installation team, not only because of the fragile nature of slate roofs but also because of the 45˚ pitch of the roof which made walking on the roof very difficult.

The installation was completed on time, without a slate being broken and the PMC can now enjoy generating over 18,875kWh a year!

System overview

Size: 22kWp
Number of Panels: 88 x A-sun Mono 245w
Inverter: 2 x SMA Tripower 10000TL Inverters
Annual output: 18,875kWh per year
Estimated energy savings: £1500 per year